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Without doubt the kitchen is perceived as the heart of the home. The kitchen is also considered to be one of the most important rooms in the house when you come to sell your property. A good (or bad) kitchen can really make (or break) the sale of your house.

It’s important then to get the design and installation of your next kitchen correct – not only so it provides a safe, efficient place to cook and entertain, but also so that it adds value and desirability to your home.

Traditionally, homeowners have sought the services of local kitchen specialists and often paid handsomely for their service. Companies like “Harvey Jones”, “DeVol”, “Plain English”, “Martin Moore”, “Tom Howley”, “Stoneham”, “Mowlem”……..all offer excellent service and a good product but what is it that you are paying such a high price for?

Certainly you are paying for their expertise in design as well as the enormous sums they pay to market their name and product. You are also paying for the hugely expensive showrooms they run and the staff they employ who are all expecting commission on their sales.

So what do “Shaker Kitchens Online” offer to compete….well primarily the quality of the cabinetry and the materials we use. Take a look at our comparison page to see that our product outmatches most at prices easily within reach of those on a more modest budget

A kitchen is generally going to be a fairly large purchase for most households, so before making your purchase online, why not give us a call. You will always find us courteous and polite. While you’re at it, ask us about what happens if an item is damaged or incorrect. No company (online or off) could guarantee this will never happen, so ask how these issues are dealt with. If you don’t want to make your purchase online, ask if we will allow you to pay over the phone if this gives you greater peace of mind.

Check too, that you can add, remove or change items after your purchase. This is often cause for much concern with online kitchen buyers and while easier to do before delivery, shouldn’t be a major stumbling block providing the furniture has not already been manufactured.

The first of our kitchen displays can be seen at the “National Self Build and Renovation Centre” in Swindon. The address is Lydiard Fields, Great Western Way, Swindon SN5 8UB where you will be able to examine the high quality of this cabinetry

Call our friendly team on 0208 0902325 if you have any questions whatsoever….we look forward to talking to you soon.